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My Soap of the Month Club is Here.

Join Eagle Lake Soap of the Month Club and receive 2 different handmade soaps each month of the year. Your first month will also include a beautiful wooden soap dish and a natural fiber wash cloth.

You can choose to receive 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months of my truly unique soaps. All soaps that you receive are made especially for the Soap Club,  you won't see them listed for sale in any of my collections.  All memberships include free shipping.

Each month during the second week I will ship you 2 different bars for you to enjoy.

I'm checking with WIX to see there is a payment plan option for billing. If not I'm thinking no one will go for the 12 month plan

Subscription Prices

 3 Month - $55

 6 Month - $110

12 Month - $220

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