Olive Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Sea Salt, Rosemary; Lavender, Rosemary & Black Pepper Essential Oils



Rosemary Lavender Castile

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  • A favorite for many, Castile soap includes only olive oil as a base oil, resulting in the mildest of soaps. For this reason it requires a longer curing time, though adding a bit of sea salt helps to create a harder bar. The lather is very creamy. We’ve infused the olive oil with rosemary leaves, and scented it with lavender and rosemary essential oils, with a touch of black pepper essential oil to anchor the fragrance. Make sure to take  special care to let this soap dry between uses (see our soap dishes) to allow it to last longer. (VEGAN) 

  • 3.5 - 4.1 oz

    Please note that due to the curing process, and the fact that each batch is unique, weights are approximate. However, upon purchase, each soap label will include the net weight of the bar before it’s wrapped.

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