Olive Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Laurel Berry Oil, Sodium Lactate; Unscented

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Aleppo (Hot Process)

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  • Pamper yourself with my luxurious Aleppo-style soap and enjoy the faint earthy fragrance of its unique ingredient, laurel berry oil. Cured for an entire year, Aleppo soap is a traditional Syrian soap made with a minimum of ingredients. It has been used for centuries as a body soap, facial soap and shampoo bar. Treat yourself to a wonderfully fluffy lather, and an ultra creamy bar of soap! (Hot process creates a more rustic bar but the soap formulation is the same as cold process.)



    This soap was made by the hot process method, which creates a more rustic appearance.

  • 3.9 - 4.3 oz

    Please note that due to the curing process, and the fact that each batch is unique, weights are approximate. However, upon purchase, each soap label will include the net weight of the bar before it’s wrapped.

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